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        1. Testimonials for Tarlow Design

          Barbara Arner - Motorized Tie Rack “Tarlow Design took my idea and turned it into a reality. I have made over $1 million dollars in royalties so far. Thank you Ken."

          Ted Strauss - Sharper Image Neck Cooler. “Ken did an excellent job in helping me to finalize my product concept. One fortunate day, the President of Sharper Image came over to Ken’s design studio to look at new ideas. He saw my neck cooler prototype and offered to license the product on the spot.”

          Gary Zimmerman - Barbi Claw "I told Ken my idea and he translated it into a beautiful prototype. With that plus a patent pending we licensed the product to Commercial Aluminum Cookware Corp. (the same company that makes Caphalon) Now we’re doing an updated version which should be out next spring."

          Jim Gordan - Paci Pal “The Paci Pal is a cute little baby chick toy that holds a child’s pacifier. My wife came up with the idea. When she passed away, I was determined to see it become a reality. Tarlow Design fully developed the product, including the packaging which has wording that dedicates the toy to my wife. The product will be in stores soon. It’s a dream come true. Thanks Ken”

          Michael Faber - Inventor of Sprorts Box Seat “Tarlow Design has done a great job in creating new features for my product that will help make it a big seller. Ken is now in the process of negotiating a licensing deal to a major Ad Specialty company.”

          Dr. Alvin Marx - Inventor of the Marx Precision Eye Dropper “Ken and his team have done a terrific job in the evolution of my precision eye dropper product. It’s great to have all my product development needs be taken care of in one place.”

          Mark Fisher - Pres. Hartleigh Creations “Ken’s design work has helped to make the Can Grill one of the best selling new ad specialty products. His design looks great and was cost effective.”

          John Giornali, director of new product development, Smart Inventions Inc. “Tarlow Design has been a great source for new product ideas and product development.
          As a successful infomercial company, we depend on great new products that have the "Gee Wiz" factor and will show well on TV. Tarlow Design delivers these types of products on a regular basis. Whether it is a product that Ken brings us for licensing possibilities, or a product idea that we want Tarlow Design to figure out, the result is usually very favorable.”

          Ron Amy, President, Advanced Manufacturing Incorporated. “I have worked with Tarlow Design on many products over the past five years. As an Asia manufacturing source, we appreciate working with high quality designers who provide fully developed engineering drawings and models so that the transition to full production is a smooth one. Tarlow Design is great to work with. They always give 100% and respond quickly when changes are needed.”

          Russ Colby, President, Spitfire Ventures, Santa Monica CA “We have developed many new products in the past 10 years and Ken has been a major participant in each of them from design through trademarks and patent generation. He always has done first rate work and saved us a lot in legal fees.”

          Gregg Fisher, President, Berkeley Sourcing Group “Tarlow Design has helped many of my clients in the early stages of design and engineering. Tarlow's knack for coming up with innovative features is fantastic and helps my clients come out with top of the line products.”