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        1. Article provided by: Robex

          Custom Robotic Systems

          Custom Robotic Systems

          Robotics and RPA are taking off. Your warehouse or manufacturing service needs custom robotic systems to achieve the efficiency and low cost required to sustain growth Robex offers customizable robots and turnkey solutions backed by service and support for the future.

          Are robots profitable?

          Just a decade ago, competing meant moving manufacturing overseas or waiting on the large players to implement technology that would leak down to everyone else over time. Outsourcing was a great way to cut labor but came with the stress of managing logistics overseas, shipping, and unfriendly legal environments.

          Today, robots increasingly allow manufacturers to build finished products where the customer is. Plug into a network of global suppliers while cutting costs by as much as 22 percent. There is a reason car manufacturers still build vehicles in country.

          Why do I need a custom robotics solution?

          While robots are capable, they require a targeted solution. The hardware that prints labels cannot pick products in a warehouse. Manufacturing processes require intricately designed custom robots. Building medical equipment is different from riveting bolts into a car.

          You need to find a supplier that offers the hardware and support for your industry or task. Even if a robot is flexible, you need software to tailor it to each task and assembly line. No layout is the same.

          How can I Introduce RPA into my warehouse?

          It the costs of running a manufacturing center increasing abroad. RPA in existing or onshore factories and the automation it requires is becoming necessary. A customized approach allows you to focus on individual components and make the shift to automation as you desire.

          There is no need to revolutionize processes overnight. Custom robotics automation solutions give you flexibility.

          What services allow me to customize robotics solutions?

          Custom robots require software and all the features that come with turnkey services. Planning, design, installation, customization, training, and support all go into your robotics solution.

          Robex provides a complete solution to get you running quickly and effectively. Project management and proper implementation are the key to avoid a failed project. More than 20 percent of IT projects fail and many more take longer than expected or run over budget.

          Quality Customized Robots

          Quality is not instantaneous. It takes a dedication to service and rigorous standards to stand out from the crows. ISO compliance allows companies to show their skills.

          Robex maintains ISO 9001 and 9002 standards for environmental and quality management. We give customers peace of mind by staying certified on the latest versions of each standard.

          Custom Robotic Systems for Modern Warehouses and Manufacturers

          Robotics and automation are the buzzwords of the next decade. With the ability to eliminate cost, create efficiencies, and drive productivity, automation is not just a competitive advantage. It is the future.

          Contact Robex for the best automated solutions for industrial, collaborative, and mobile robot integration, end-of-arm tools, and material handling systems. Give our team a call at 419-270-0770 and start customizing solutions for your business today.

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