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        1. We’ll Help You Research And Write Your Patent

          Patent PreparationTarlow Design can do your consumer product patent research for you, then help you write your own patent. The first step in deciding whether to proceed with developing a new product is to do a patent search to make sure no one else has invented it. Many patents are issued on product ideas that do not make it into the marketplace. However, if you produce a product that is already patented, the patent holder may contact you and either tell you to stop making the product, or pay a royalty to the inventor.

          Tarlow Design can perform extensive on-line consumer product patent research for a very reasonable price and produce a patentability report based on our findings. We can also have a more extensive search done by our partners in Alexandria, VA who will go into the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and look directly at all related patents.

          When you develop a consumer product, you are creating a valuable asset similar to owning a piece of property. Your legal protection – especially your utility patent – is like the “deed” to the property. When you license your product, you are licensing the patent rights of the product to the licensee. Patents last for 20 years from filing date or 17 years from issue date.

          There are three types of patent protection:

          • A provisional patent locks in date of invention and gives you one year to file your utility patent. The filing fee is quite low in relation to a utility patent.
          • A Design Patent protects the unique shape of the product.
          • A Utility Patent is most valuable and protects the unique way the product works.

          Inventors can write their own patents

          While we recommend retaining a patent attorney to write your patent for you, did you know that inventors (this means you) can legally write their own patents? We offer to help our clients prepare their patents by supplying patent drawings and the language required to describe the invention.

          You can then send in your patent application and obtain patent pending status, thereby locking in your date of invention. When sufficient start-up money is raised, you can hire a patent attorney to review your patent and make any additions or modifications while the patent is still pending. The pending period (the time between when the patent is sent into the patent office and the time the patent is reviewed and issued) is frequently more than one year. During that period, you can make any amendments or improvements to your patent application. By taking a hands-on approach to patent preparation during the early stage of product development, you can use available funds to complete the process without breaking the bank.

          Tarlow Design can also help you file your Trademark application. Trademarks protect your brand so that as awareness of your product increases, other manufacturers cannot benefit from using your product’s name.

          If you need consumer product patent research or patent help, please contact Ken Tarlow and Tarlow Design at: 415-726-1354. Or, email Ken Tarlow at: ken@tarlowdesign.com