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          Tarlow Design Portfolio

          Fast Track Tie RackFast Track Tie Rack - worlds first automatic tie rack, has sold over 4 million units over 20 years.

          Turbo WashTurbo Wash - hooks to garden hose to soap and rinse any vehicle – 12 million sold over 18 years.

          The Doughnut FactoryThe Doughnut Factory - lets you make healthy mini doughnuts right in your own home. Full automated action forms perfect doughnuts, fries them, flips them and dispenses them out into a bowl.

          Perfect Omelet PanPerfect Omelet Pan - built in flippers make the perfect omelet every time – 200,000 sold on TV.

          Neck CoolerNeck Cooler - sharper image’s hottest summer product two years in a row. Over 500,000 sold!

          Sun Eye ProductSun Eye Product - tracks sun and shows the solar panel installer the best place for panel placement.

          Fred FlaskFred Flask - reusable stainless steel water bottle

          SupertoothSupertooth - combines electric toothbrush and water flosser into one unit. Personal use.

          Quick ChillQuick Chill - cools canned and bottled drinks form room temperature to 45 deg F in 30 seconds.

          Heliodine ControllerHeliodine Controller - solar hot water controller.

          Blend-n-Go with Grinding cupBlend-n-Go with Grinding cup - grind and blend your favorite ingredients into a healthy smoothie.

          Talking Toilet PaperTalking Toilet Paper - record your humorous message and have it played back when toilet paper is unrolled. 500, 000 sold.

          Stork StandStork Stand - successful kick starter campaign. Product now available at storkstand.com

          SeasonartSeasonart - stores measures and dispenses up to 16 herbs and spices automatically.

          Helping HandHelping Hand - clamps onto any ladder, holds paint, power tools, light bulbs or any item that you need with you while up on a ladder.

          Journey PipeJourney Pipe - the first pipe that works without the need for a filter screen. A cool draw every time.

          Beer Can GrillBeer Can Grill - what better way to celebrate summer. Outdoor fun is even better with this high-quality gas grill in the shape of your favorite beverage.

          BS MeterBS Meter - if your friend tells s fib, the BS meter lights up and the Bull bellows.

          Break FixBreak Fix - stores and automatically dispenses your favorite cereal. Portion selector knob adjust serving size.

          Barb-B-ClawBarb-B-Claw - grabs your grilled foods and takes temperature at the same time.

          Eye Drop RenderingEye Drop Rendering - precision eye drop dispenser that opens eyelids and delivers one drop.

          Puppet CoolersPuppet Coolers - keeps canned drinks cool for hours. Great fun with likenesses of cartoon characters, sports stars or music stars sculpted onto outer housing. Over 3 million sold.

          Shower AccessoryShower Accessory - with rotating soap and water dispenser.

          Tea MagicTea Magic - stores, dispenses and brews loose tea. A tea lovers delight!

          Airplane Entertainment HeadsetAirplane Entertainment Headset - replaced uncomfortable vinyl tipped headset. Sold over 60 million units and is still in use on transatlantic flights.

          Chute LampChute Lamp - award winning lighting product. Silk shade held up by air from fan built into lamp.

          SkikeSkike - blends the best of a bike and a scooter.

          DermaglowDermaglow - uses a dermabrasion technique to remove surface blemishes. Commercial machine used by aestheticians.

          Wildlife CenterWildlife Center - ecological feeding center for your back yard

          Jello ShotJello Shot - automatically make 80 Jello shots every 15 minutes.

          Personalized Air FilterPersonalized Air Filter - stylish personal air filter for use in cities with poor air quality

          SeesawSeesaw - 360 degree rotation, adjustable for different heights children

          Water FlosserWater Flosser - attaches to your bathroom sink faucet.

          Shasta HomeShasta Home - custom designed, factory built eco-friendly kit home, designed for assembly on site.

          Perfect Drawer OrganizerPerfect Drawer Organizer - snaps together to form partitions for your socks, undergarments, belts, ties and more.

          Bounce ChairBounce Chair - lets hyperactive kids have fun and exercise.

          Tongue VacuumTongue Vacuum - removes bacteria filled coating from tongue.

          Phone Case With WatchPhone Case With Watch - analogue watch built into base of phone case

          HairagatorHairagator - hair styling and curling tool.

          Airform Dental ChairAirform Dental Chair - positions patient' head and back using precision air inflatable cushions