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        1. Awards for Tarlow Design

          Conrad Hilton Entrepreneur Award - Award given for entrepreneurial and leadership excellence. The head of the Loyola Marymount University Entrepreneurship MBA program chooses one person each year.

          Who's Who of American Inventors - This award goes to prolific inventors that have more than 50 patents to their name.

          Top 100 Lighting Design Award - Is for the Chute Lamp, and was given because it had the most requests for more information when presented by Residential Lighting Magazine.

          Residential Lighting Magazine - The Lighting Top 100 award for the Chute Lamp which Ken designed. This novel lamp design had the most interest and requests for more information by consumers.

          30 year member Industrial Designers Society of America - The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) is the world's oldest, largest, member-driven society for product design, industrial design, interaction design, and related design fields.