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          Turn Your Ideas Into Products

          Tarlow Design is an award winning consumer product design and development company that turns your great ideas into products. We are your one stop solution for product design, development, manufacturing and licensing. Ken Tarlow, principal of Tarlow Design has more than 30 years of product design experience, and he is listed in the “Who's Who of American Inventors.” He has helped inventors develop more than 1,000 products, worth over 1 billion dollars in retail sales.

          Tarlow Design LLC:

          • Your innovation partner for consumer product design and
          • We do: consumer product design, development,
            prototype manufacturing, product manufacturing and
          • Specializes in working with entrepreneurs, inventors
          • Affordable pricing
          • Patent search and patent prep service
          • A + rating - Better Business Bureau
          • Full prototype shop, including 3D printing capability
          • State of the art 3D CAD drafting software
          If you are ready to turn your idea into a great product and need an experienced consumer product design and development company, please contact Ken Tarlow and Tarlow Design at: 415-726-1354 for a free consultation. Or, email Ken Tarlow at: ken@tarlowdesign.com